This website was made possible with the assistance and the wonderful ideas of all the members of our team at Eetza Research Associates and personal friends.

Steve Stearns – made use of his artistic abilities drawing the mammoth for the Eetza logo and assisted revising some of the website text and offered ideas.  Jim Bunch -offered ideas and made several reviews of the page’s content and made recommendations.  Liz Dickey – kindly supplied the In-Situ articles for our Mini-Report Section.  Horacio Ferriz – a geologist today but my classmate during junior-high offered his expertise and wrote the part under the Eetza Definition. Gene Hattori –  first as our friend, second as our chief editor does his magic to make our work look great.  But, my deepest gratitude goes to Phil Johncock – a wonderful friend for more than 23 years, and who was instrumental for this website to become a reality, taught me the baby steps of how to build a website, offered guidance regarding organization and content behind the scenes. Jan Michael – under Phil’s help and my direction assisted in developing the website banner.  Lastly, me, designed this website and responsible for the initial website content, after I would plant the seed writing the initial content of the various pages then Jim and Steve would go to work making changes.  After many late nights I can appreciate now the high cost of a professional website designer.  However, I always have been a firm believer that I can achieve whatever is expected of me.

To all thank you very, very much!

Patti DeBunch