• Pine Nut Mountain’s Secret Stash. A Description of a Possible Remnant Pinyon Cache in the Pine Nut Mountains, Douglas County, Nevada by Steve Stearns, 2011.  Photos taken by Steve Stearns. In Situ Article Spring 2011
  • Location, Location, Location: Prehistoric Structures and Their Positions on the Landscape in Lincoln County, Nevada, by Steve Stearns, 2009.  Photos taken by Patti DeBunch. In Situ Article Fall 2009
  • Preliminary Report on Macrofloral Remains from Site 26LN2978, Lincoln County, Nevada by Jeanne Schaaf, Ph.D, 2006.  Photos taken by Jeanne Schaaf. 26Ln2978 Macrofloral Report


Many thanks to Liz Dickey for providing the In Situ Articles.