The staff at Eetza Research Associates has the experience of working throughout the Great Basin, California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington states but our primary emphases is in the state of Nevada. We have assessed archaeological properties and examined people and cultures from the Paleo Indian Period to Late prehistoric, ethnographic groups and have prepared over 300 technical reports since 1975 (with former employers).  At Eetza Research Associates we have the ability to offer a complete-spectrum of archaeological services and solutions to the various project requirements and its technical needs of today.  Incorporating the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards (36CFR61).  At the request of our clients we provide efficient, effective resource management and conservation programs and services.

  • 3D Scanning
  • Archaeological Site Damage Assessment
  • Archaeological Testing
  • Archaeological Treatment Plans
  • Class II and Class III Cultural Resource Surveys and Inventories
  • Data Recovery Programs
  • Federal Regulations (NEPA, Section 106 and 4(f), NAGPRA/ARPA Compliance)
  • Rock Art Inventory
  • Site Evaluation for National Register Eligibility Determination