Eetza Research Associates is a research-based company that offers Research, Preservation, and Historical Archeology services to our clients.

Each staff member has over 35 years conducting historic period studies throughout the State of Nevada locating and inventorying historical sites from mid 1800’s through the 21st Century.

We are a dedicated firm offering high-quality record searches with cost-effective results.  Our research and analysis complies with federal and state regulations offering exceptional end products with present day requirements in a timely manner.  Our technical reports have been well-received by colleagues, state and federal regulatory agencies.


  • Record search and literature review.
  • Within historical contexts, site-specific research for compliance with federal regulations.
  • Locating and inventorying historical sites.
  • Preparation of  historical documentation.
  • Interpretation of historical sites.
  • Interviewing and oral histories.
  • Archival research review from various repositories and institutions.







Photos taken by Patti DeBunch