Eetza Research Associates, LLC was formed in November 2010 as a consulting firm offering skills and qualifications of Jim Bunch as principal investigator and field archaeologists. Joining him are Patti DeBunch and Steve Stearns.  Each brings more than 35 years of field experience and training in the Great Basin, Section 106, NEPA compliance, Section 4(f), NAGPRA/ARPA and Desert Tortoise surveys and relocation. Patti is project manager, field archaeologist and photographer. Steve is the archaeologist contractor.

Dr. Gene Hattori acts as Eetza´s advisor and chief editor. Lori Bellis acts as Eetza’s field biologist, specializing in sensitive plants, noxious weeds and animal surveys.

debunch-patti bunch-jim
Patti DeBunch Jim Bunch

stearns-steve hattori-gene lori-bellis
Steve Stearns Dr. Gene Hattori Lori Bellis

Bunch, Stearns and DeBunch achieved recognition for their long time contributions in the field, for their dedication and state-wide commitment promoting inventory and preservation of historical properties while working for the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), a legacy of 30+ years until their retirement in the spring of 2010.  Lori Bellis as a biologist worked for the State of Nevada for 10 years preparing Environmental Assessments for material source sites. Lori retired from State service in 2012. Gene Hattori, Ph.D has over 40 years of Great Basin experience and provides technical and editorial assistance. He was a field technician in the Fowler (et al. 1973) Lincoln County Surveys and participated in the later excavations of Lincoln County sites.