Patti DeBunch

Patricia A. DeBunch obtained a BA in Social Science from the Instituto Mexicano de Cultura in Mexico City.

Patti’s experience with the Nevada Department of  Transportation (NDOT) included statewide surveys and inventory of prehistoric, historic and paleontological sites in Nevada.  In addition, Patti assisted in the development of the Section’s database and management for 30 years undergoing several computer formats.  In the last ten years of her carrier with NDOT, Patti was the principal field photographer for the Archaeological Section.

Her creative and artistic abilities made her a member of the Guild of Scientific Illustrators for the Smithsonian Institute in the 1980’s, her work has been published by UNR Press, Utah Press, USFWS, the Smithsonian Institute Press and others.

Patti’s experience prior to working  for NDOT includes the Nevada State Museum (NSM) in the mid 70’s under Mary Rusco and Jonathan Davis, surveying the Rye Patch Reservoir and as field teacher assistant (TA) for the Anthropology Department’s field school, University of Nevada-Reno.

Outside the State of Nevada, Patti’s experience is in the Pacific Northwest where she worked as a field technician under David Chance, PhD. (PI), University of Idaho, Moscow, ID.   Projects include investigations at Kettle Falls’ Hudson Bay Fort, at a  prehistoric fishery site, and at St. Paul’s Mission site near Colville in Washington State.   Patti also worked for Dr. Ken Ames (PI), Boise State University, in this project a prehistoric house was totally excavated along the Clearwater River at Hatway near Lewiston, Idaho.