Thermoluminescense (TL) and C14 Dates

The TL and C14 dates presented here were collected for dating from various archaeological sites in the State of Nevada by Jim Bunch while employed by the Department of Transportation.  The pot shards and charcoal samples were submitted to the University of Washington’s laboratory under James Feathers and by Beta Analytical and were necessary to make site eligibility determination.

The table below lists the results from the analyses. We will continue to update the table to expand the range of information and our goal to create date chronology in the Great Basin (last revised – May 2013).


Carson County

26Or1 Carson Hot Springs 2320+/-90 BP 8350+/-310 BP  charcoal Beta 10856       Beta 10857


Churchill County

26Ch1772 no name 300+/-70 BP  charcoal Beta 116424


Clark County

26Ck1668 Shelter south of Coyote Springs AD420+/-120 OSL/TL Moapa Gray UW2054
26Ck4894 Larson SiteI-15 AD1030+/-60 OSL/TL Anasazi UW2033
26Ck3531A Site tested by Leavitt near Mesquite AD1450+/-90 OSL Brownware UW2031
26Ck3531B Between Leavitt’s site  and  26Ck4894 AD1710+/-20 OSL/TL unidentified Brownware? UW2032


Douglas County

26Do326 no name 930+/-210 BP  charcoal Beta 12884


Elko County

26Ek7120 Knoll Creek AD1315+/-48          1330+/-60 BP Brownware  charcoal UW1750         Beta 239922
26Ek3353 Spruce Mtn. AD850+/-190 TL   AD720+/-80 OSL Great Salt Lake Gray UW1881
No site # Pequop Summit AD1210+/-70 AD1430+/-40 Brownware UW2012  UW2205


Lincoln County

26Ln5144 Burnt Springs Shelter AD1103+/-52 OSL Snake Valley Gray UW1751
26Ln202 Crystal Springs Site 880+/-40 BP charcoal Beta 239923
26Ln3677 Alamo Canyon   Rd 1 AD1522+/-65 Brownware UW1414
26Ln4886 Alamo Canyon   Rd 2 AD1434+/-59 Brownware UW1415
26Ln2978 Ash Springs site HP1 AD531+/-109 TL unidentified local Grayware UW1146
26Ln2978 Ash Springs site HP2 AD1444+/-104 OSL AD1646+/-139 unidentified local Grayware UW1147
26Ln2963 Elgin Site AD1590+/-30 OSL/TL AD1680+/-30 AD730+/-70 Brownware    Anasazi (?) UW2055   UW2203
26Ln1775 Panaca Summit AD920+/-160 Snake Valley Gray UW2202
26Ln2946 Rainbow Canyon Rock Shelter #1 AD1720+/-20 North Creek      Gray (?) UW2204
26Ln2921 Bead Bench near Ursine (37  58’ Lat-114 13’ Long) 310 +/-110 BP     880 +/-80 BP       860 +/-90 BP charcoal Beta 21062    Beta 21063    Beta 21064


White Pine County

26Wp647-1 26Wp647-2 Cave Lake Rock Shelter 200+/-50 BP 360+/-60 BP  charcoal Beta 15334    Beta 15335


* Note 26Ln2978 was radio carbon dated, the results of the analysis place the site in future dates.  The unreliable results were due to the atmospheric “bomb carbon” generated from the atomic bomb testing of the 1950’s.