Public Outreach

hidden-cave-toursA public outreach program can be the best conservation tool to protect a historical property as well as educate the general public (Hidden Cave interpretative tours in 1989, left).

At Eetza Research Services, our experienced professionals are uniquely qualified to customize Outreach programs for special audiences. For example, we can create Public Awareness programs for professional gatherings, conferences, museums, websites, publications, schools or local community groups. We can exhibit prehistoric archaeological studies through interpretive displays like posters, PowerPoint and Keynote slides, graphic images, and more.

Ground breaking public outreach program was designed and implemented for the Pahranagat Valley students in 2014-2015 with a series of classroom PowerPoint presentations and field trips.

Upon request from our clients, we can produce HD DVD videos for you and/or the public. (photo by Jim Bunch 1989).

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